Q1: When will we receive our order?
A1: We reserve at least 3 business days to process your orders. All
orders are shipped UPS ground and will take from two to five days
depending on your location and shipping date from Southern
California. In some cases it might take up to two weeks. Additionally
if you would like your product shipped sooner via air, please make
your selection from the system. We have provided a space on the
order form for notes to be included on the packing slip such as
"Happy Birthday" " Best Wishes" "Hope you are doing well" etc....
Q2: Can I choose my own freight carrier ?
A2: Yes, we will ship your order via your selected carrier provided we
have a fax from you stating full details such as carrier, account
number, etc.
Q3: What is the minimum dollar amount when placing an
order ?
A3: The minimum order is twenty five dollars - $ 25.00
Q4: Will you ship less then the unit item ? In other
words can we order less than a carton, breaking the
manufacturer's package ?  
A4: We can ONLY ship in sealed cartons from the manufactures.
Q5: Do you guarantee we will receive our shipment "on time" ?
A5: We will use all our resources to assure your order is "on time."
However, we can not be accountable for the freight carries, their
equipment and or weather conditions. Our recommendation is to  
allow plenty of time for both of us to meet your due date on time.
Q6: What is your return policy?
A6: Any product that was ordered and shipped correctly can
be returned providing the following policy is followed. No item
can be returned unless we have issued you an RMA Number.
However, we can not refund the cost of shipping. The item
being returned must be in the original carton as it was shipped
from our facility to you and unopened. Additionally  there well
be a 15% restocking fee charged to your credit card or
account. All returned merchandise must be shipped prepaid
Q7: We did not receive our complete order ?
A7: We will not ship a partial order, all orders will be complete,
however on large orders the freight carrier may have the other
portion (items not received) in their system. If this is the case
please contact the carrier with the tracking number provided by
our system for the balance of your order. Please advise us at the
same time via e-mail so our staff can do additional research and
provide assistance to locate the balance of your order.
Q8: Do you ship outside the USA ?
A8: Yes we ship orders outside the United States. However we do
not ship to all countries around the world due to many variables.
Q9: The shipment we received was incorrect ?
A9: If you received a product which seems to be incorrect, please check
your order conformation which was e-mailed to you upon completion of
your transaction. If we shipped your product in error our staff will make
every effort to correct the mistake ASAP!
Q10: We must receive our order tomorrow?
A10: In order to provide you with next day service we must have
your order in house four (4) days prior to your required due date
as well as next day shipping charges. This goal can be completed if
we work together to fill the complete order by your due date.
Q11: Why are shipping charges so expensive?
A11: Because candy is made from various ingredients that make it
extremely heavy in weight. Your shipping charges are not included in
the price of the product. The shipping charges to your location can
be viewed from the order entry screen before your order is
authorized.  Needless to say, candy is worth its weight in gold and
tastes much better!
Q12: My order contains chocolate and will be shipped in the
summer months. How do I know my chocolate won't melt?
A12: If your order contains chocolate and needs to be shipped in
the summer months we suggest using shipping that takes three
days or less. We will only ship these orders on Mondays and
Tuesdays so that it does not sit over the weekend at a shipping
hub. We will contact you via e-mail to personally work with you to
ensure your product arrives correctly.